UESA Versatility Awards Program

The UESA versatility awards program was designed to recognize the versatile nature of the English Shepherd. These dogs will distinguish themselves in a variety of activities, such as athletic companion, herding and performance sports. These dogs demonstrate the temperament, intelligence, and working capabilities that represent the breed.

The UESA will award versatility titles to dogs that have completed the necessary requirements for each level of the program. These dogs will be recognized for their accomplishments in the English Shepherd Journal and on the UESA website, as well as receiving an award.

The Versatility Awards Program offers six titles:

  • Versatility Ambassador, VA
  • Versatility Emissary, VE
  • Versatility Excellent, VX
  • Versatility Ultimate, VU
  • Total English Shepherd, TES
  • Total English Shepherd-Champion, TES-CH
  • Memorial titles will have “M” added to title

For those of us who had many wonderful experiences with dogs that have passed on, we would like to honor their memory by recognizing their accomplishments. Simply submit the regular required forms and documentations. When filling out the Title Registration Form provide what year your dog passed. The letter “M” for Memorial will be placed in front of the titles. For example M-VA. We look forward to honoring your Versatile English Shepherd.

Versatility Awards Program Requirements

To be awarded a versatility title a dog must earn the total number of points required for each title. This is done by participating in any of the activities listed in the Categories & Activities List below. When the activities for a title are completed, fill out the Title Registration form and send copies of documentation verifying completion. Documentation examples: performance titles, health records, videos, pictures or proofs. (See “Versatility Title Application Process” below.) Proofs are forms used where titles are not offered, such as hiking, school visits, demo’s, etc. For each individual activity complete one proof form. (A proof is not necessarily equivalent to a point.)

Point System and Categories

There are 7 categories: Dog Sports, Education, Herding, Scent, Fitness, Health, and Public Relations/Humanitarian. Under each category there is a list of activities and each activity is worth a determined number of points. To accumulate the required points for each title, one must participate in the activities listed under any of the categories. All titles require activities from multiple categories. There are many possible combinations of activities that will qualify a dog for the different versatility titles (refer to Categories & Activities List below). For more details on points and title examples, please click here.

Versatility Title Application Process

  1. Complete the title registration form
  2. Make photocopies of certificates, titles, and proof forms. (please only send photocopies)
  3. Send pictures and videos too!
  4. Include title fee as follows: $15 UESA member — and — $20 non member
  5. Make checks payable to UESA or pay via PayPal (button coming soon)
  6. Email or mail registration forms to:
    Toni Duralski
    2363 Shire Way
    Turlock CA 95380
    E-Mail: Tduralski@aol.com