Dogs and Kids

English Shepherds generally are very gentle and patient with kids. They make wonderful playmates and companions for children. The breed can be very tolerant, patient and very protective of children in their family. 

Unfortunately accidents do happen and a child can get hurt. It’s recommended that early socialization (puppy classes or basic obedience classes) are taken in order to prevent an accident. Children should also be taught when its OK to approach the dog and when it’s not OK. The dog should have it’s own place where the children are not allowed. Be aware dogs are pack animals, they may except hugs and kisses from children in their own family but may not except children from outside their family to join in their games or signs of affection. 

For more information download the FREE Parenting Guide or go to Dog Bite prevention website. There are fun board games for the kids to learn from too. For more helpful links Click Here