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The English Shepherd Journal is the official publication of the United English Shepherd Association. It is published bimonthly and is dedicated to promoting and protecting the interests of the English Shepherd breed, as well as to serving as a means of communication and a source of information to UESA members.

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Attention English Shepherd owners!

Announcing something new and fun for you and your dog! It’s called the Versatility Awards Program by the United English Shepherd Association.

The breed is known for its wonderful temperament and versatile nature. Maintaining its heritage and these characteristics contributes to the health of the breed, and should still be apparent in modern dogs. This program helps preserve those traits by awarding versatility titles to the dogs that have distinguished themselves in a variety of activities, including athletic companion, herding, and performance sports, to name a few. It also recognizes the many different life styles of the modern day ES and encourages owners to be active and have fun with their dogs.

There are 6 titles in the program: Versatility Ambassador, Versatility Emissary, Versatility Excellent, Versatility Ultimate, Total English Shepherd and Total English Shepherd Champion. Certificate Titles are awarded to the dogs completing the necessary requirements for each level of the program, and they will be recognized for their accomplishments in the English Shepherd Journal, UESA website, Facebook pages and membership discussion group.

The dogs that reach the highest titles in the program: Total English Shepherd and Total English Shepherd Champion have demonstrated they have the temperament, intelligence, and working capabilities that represent the breed. 
Whether you like to compete at dog trials, work on a farm or go hiking with your dog, this program is for you.

For those of us who had many wonderful experiences with dogs that have passed on, we would like to honor their memory by recognizing their accomplishments. Simply submit the regular required forms and documentations. When filling out the Title Registration Form provide what year your dog passed. The letter “M” for Memorial will be placed in front of the titles. For example M-VA. We look forward to honoring your Versatile English Shepherd.

So we ask that you spread the word among your friends and family by forwarding this announcement. We hope you enjoy the program!

For more information please contact Toni